Imagine a world, where talented and responsible entrepreneurs worldwide can transform vision into action by benefitting from direct financing, avoiding bureaucracy and slow funding mechanisms.

A world where they can lean on a free international network of experts in order to advance their thinking, their strategies, and their managerial decisions.

Imagine a world where creating and sustaining positive social impact is a joint cross-border, cross-community effort that makes the world move closer together.
What is Chaka?

What is Chaka?

The Chaka initiative is a crossroad where development efforts meet technology, it is a junction allowing to enhance efforts and improve efficiency by changing the way sustainable development is viewed. Chaka is also the promise of a mature block chain project, with a long-lasting, positive and substantial impact on the world's most promising economies, the economies of developing countries. The project’s operations and financial sustainability is backed and propelled by the crucial need for new and innovative opportunities of growth.

Addressing a market of multi trillion US dollars, building on the need for change, and successfully implementing today's new and exciting technologies, it is safe to say, that the Chaka initiative is one of today's most promising initiatives, and investment opportunity.

We have strong faith in Chaka’s growth not only because of the ingenuity and disruptive nature of this imitative, but also because it is backed by a real, tangible, and dynamic market as well as economies that are eager for change and new impetus.


The Chaka project will empower entrepreneurs in developing countries, creating a continuous financial stream providing them with funds to execute their impactful development project, but also with management, knowhow, and an entire community of supporters.

More than an idea, Chaka is a solution for a better use of donation/development money, resolving the three main flaws of today's development model, and thus allowing:
  1. Full transparency, with precise knowledge of what was given to whom, through the use of a block-chain mainNet, making all transactions public and traceable.
  2. A better project selection mechanism, leveraging the knowledge of local entrepreneurs, who know their markets better than anyone else.
  3. Building a circular economy where the same 100$ can be given again and again to different development projects thanks to the simple idea of sustaining efforts rather than maintaining dependency.
Chaka is a tangible ongoing initiative, managed by a team of high profile individuals, who have been working together with the goal of turning this immense potential into a tangible and unique business opportunity.
Moving parts

Moving Parts

The Chaka project is composed of 3 main moving parts :

The Chaka Platform

A crowdgiving platform that allows every citizen of the world to donate money to a specific project of his/her choice, having received a full description of the project, its local leader, its location, its impact, its costs, as well as its pros and cons. But it also enables any entrepreneur/project leader in any developing country to present his/her impactful development project and obtain at no cost, funds, management, knowhow, the support of an international community of experts, advisors, and entrepreneurs.

The Chaka platform will also be the tool through which any donor will be able to follow the evolution of the projects he/she chose to support. It enables donors to be directly in touch with the project leader, give advice, and participate in the success of the project to the extent that he/she wishes.

The LANES : Local agencies Network

An essential part of the implementation of the Chaka initiative, the LANES represent the physical interface through which any entrepreneur in a developing country can interact with Chaka’s international community and present his project for potential endorsement.

The LANES provide financial management, advice and support, guiding the local project leader through the task of presenting his initiative. It will also provide the access to the internet and other managerial tools when required.

Passive Digital Assets

As a contribution to a project is executed, a proportional amount of the project’s virtual equity is transferred, in the form of a passive asset, to the contributor’s Chaka projects portfolio. This virtual equity is further redeemed, as the project’s conclusion terms are met, and is monetized back to the contributor’s fiat account. The amount redeemed is function of the success of the project and is subject to a “result factor” that can be either negative or positive.

This mechanism is at the base of the innovation of the Chaka initiative as donations are no longer viewed as a “no return” financial actions, nor are they viewed as investments where the financial return is the key decision making element. We are introducing the intermediate term of financial contribution, symbolizing the act of financially contributing to and being part of a development effort.
Why use distributed ledger technology Mainnet?
Like many promising new technologies, the blockchain has been abused in the past few years by scammers seeking to take advantage of the hype for their own benefit. Nevertheless, the tremendous potential of the blockchain technology in particular and the distributed ledger technology in general, to reshape the reality of the financial and social world cannot be denied.

Similarly to the "dot com" period, when the smoke dissipates, only those who combine ingenuity, functioning operations and a sustainable target market will capitalize.

Chaka is not another blockchain initiative issuing a digital currency, it is the materialization of the continuous efforts of the blockchain community to further develop one of today's most exiting technological development, one that is commonly viewed as the biggest technological revolution since the introduction of the internet!

Chaka is a financial initiative using distributed ledger technology as an enhancer, implementing its capacity to:

  1. Provide a fully transparent framework, making all levels of any development project public.
  2. Develop a voting mechanism amongst its users allowing the direct participation of its community in its decision-making processes.

Both elements contribute to the creation of a transparent and participatory framework which results in increasing the trust factor amongst its users.


Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, each expert in his domain. Together we represent strength, expertise, and experience, which we offer to share with our partners.

Moran Hadad
Founder & President
Moran is a visionary and successful entrepreneur with a Master of Arts in Civil Engineering, and a Master of Advanced Studies degree in augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence. Moran has always been fascinated by the merger of social responsibility and technology which has been nurtured by his decades-long work in emerging markets.
Moran is an experienced strategist/Business analyst, who effortlessly blends his own knowhow with his ability to inspire and get the best out of others.
Jorgen Ouaknin
Jorgen is a financial executive with over 15 years of experience. After a successful career in the retail sector, where he improved efficiency, customer service, and expansion into further markets, Jorgen decided to pivot towards digital transformation and entrepreneurship. Today, Jorgen is leading a major project in Morocco, dedicated to creating a digital ecosystem that will help solve daily problems of citizens, as well as accelerate financial inclusion and the formalization of the economy. Jorgen Ouaknin is passionate about law and economics and holds a PhD in business law.
Shimi Avizmil
Shimi is a R&D Manager with 20 years of intensive experience in software development and management, particularly specializing on real-time trading systems and large-scale enterprise banking applications. He has worked in various startups in Australia, London and Israel including numerous blockchain startups.
Tali Krelman
Tali Krelman is a finance manager and corporate controller with a bachelor's degree in business and accounting. She has worked in high profile institutions and companies for over 10 years as an auditor, an accountant and a CFO. Tali has conducted company’s cash flow, credit, assets and salary system, where her strong leadership and mentoring skills helped teams thrive and grow. Tali is an avid and skilled multi tasker and thrives in challenging environments, who will be able to apply her vast financial, strategic and managerial know-how to data analysis in order improve Chaka’s business development.
Olivier De Basquiat
Business Development Manager (Europe)
Olivier is a proven commercial director with an exceptional capacity to develop, organize and deploy complex, strategy driven, commercial development plans. Olivier took it upon himself, on a day by day basis, to further develop commercial development strategies and enhance the management of sales teams (HR).He is currently working as a regional manager (France and the Benelux) for the Spanish group Osborne. Olivier is in charge of rethinking the company's strategic commercial plan, which he successfully achieved with a staggering increase of 60% of the global companies turnover.

Advisory board

Chaka's initiative advisory board is a multicultural and interdisciplinary group of seasoned veterans, who not only believe in our vision, but also share it. These men and women vowed to provide us with guidance and expertise in order to bring our common goal into fruition. Furthermore, they will be able to open doors and link us to like-minded actors so the Chaka's vision can become a global one.

H. R. H Prince Ravichak Norodom
His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Ravichak is an Ambassador with the Secretariat of His Majesty the King of Cambodia, President of the Prince Norodom Ravichak Foundation and CEO of Cambodia Consulting Group. Born in the Guangzhou during the conflict that torn his country apart, His Royal Highness Prince Ravichak spent most of his youth abroad. After returning back to Cambodia, his Royal Highness has been an integral part in bringing the country back together, fostering social cohesion as well as strengthening the country economically. For several years Prince NORODOM Ravichak has been working valiantly to encourage foreign investment in Cambodia via various structures. Besides his business activities, His Highness is strongly dedicated to social causes which he actively promotes through his Prince Norodom Ravichak Foundation, which engages private stakeholders willing to support the humanitarian activities of His Majesty the King NORODOM Sihamoni and helps mobilize sponsors for other valuable humanitarian programs dedicated to the Cambodian people and beyond.
Danielle Tukov
Danielle has notable experience in the policy, social governance and NGO arenas. Danielle is committed to outstanding communications strategies and partnerships with the EU Social Tech and Innovation platforms. Her liaison has led to collaboration with the European Central Bank and the Financial Times. She is an advisor for the European Union on international relations amidst prominent international leaders, including; the European Parliament Intergroup liaising with the European External Action Service and as consultant for the International Organisation for Migration (UN-IOM). Danielle is the co-director of Think-Film Impact Production, that helps films create social and political awareness which creates a lasting impact that goes beyond screening rooms and cinemas, and changes policy.
Manuel Collas de La Roche
Manuel Collas de La Roche is a successful film producer, of art works such as "Darshan The Embrace", "Festival de Cannes Official selection out of competition", and \“Kalachakra the Enlightenment", a feature documentary that he coproduced with the director and producer Natalie Fuchs, and with the exceptional participation of H.H. The Dalai Lama and Uma Thurman as the narrator. At a time when the planet is searching for directions, Manuel decides to initiates projects with a Vision for a better world, founding the "Monaco Better World Forum" led by the firm conviction that humanity must be reborn on a new basis, in order to allow the enlightenment of every human being to flourish and to illuminate our world that so badly needs it. On March 23, 2018, Manuel is awarded the Gold Medal of the “Universal League of Public Good” for his service to Humanity at the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Paris.
H. E. Zakari Wargo
Zakari Wargo is a corporate and financial market specialist with more than 15 years of banking experience in Africa. Mr. Wargo is one the emerging PPP specialists in Africa and was educated at Harvard University and University of Queens (Canada) He has served as Risk Management, Commercial Director and Head of treasurer in several banks in Africa and other high level leadership position in regional financial institution.He is graduate from HEC Paris, Babson College of Boston, Sciences Pô Paris, University of Cape Town. He is currently leading the Niger Investment Council as a ministerial position and also is the Financial advisor of the Headof State of Niger Republic.
Orli Arav
Orli Arav is an impact investing and development finance specialist with over 20 years of experience. Orli’s specific areas of leadership have included: impact investing, (with a focus on frontier and emerging markets), development finance as well as project and structured finance with funds, financial institutions, and advisory firms. Most recently, Orli has served as he Director of Investments for Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF). Prior to SEDF, Orli successfully led, structured, and closed numerous transactions providing capital to infrastructure projects and companies in Africa (54 Assets over USD1 Billion of principal investments, across 21 countries and 7 sectors). Orli also successfully raised capital from donor countries, as well as debt financing from commercial banks and development finance institutions (DFIs). She is currently the managing director at EMFin Advisory UK.
Balazs Nemethi
Balazs is a member of World Economic Forum’s Digital Identity Taskforce and has been a core contributor to decentralized identity space on a global level. He has a passion for delivering real impact with the use of blockchain technology. Taqanu, his company focuses on creating solutions in decentralized identity space that can deliver privacy by design for systems all over the world, with a strong emphasis on developing countries.
Rami Pompas
Rami is an agile pioneer, a program management aficionado and a firm believer in creating great working environments based on trust and teamwork to get the best results and have fun while doing it! For the past 10 years Rami has managed complex global software projects in senior positions. Rami brings operations & project expertise, constantly challenges and improves methodologies & procedures, while identifying bottlenecks and finding effective solutions. He pioneered the implementation of Agile methodology, built scrum teams, and is involved in the management of ongoing agile projects.
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